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DIY Craft or Beading Events

At Crafty Cabin, we also cater for events and parties services.

Craft Activities are great for:

  • Corporate Function / Family Days
  • Mini Carnival
  • Event Launching
  • Brand / Company Open House
  • Exhibitiion and showcase
  • Charity Bazaar
  • Sales EVents / Function
  • Celebrations / Occassion
  • Themed functions (Walkathon, Mother's Day, etc..)

Types of craft activities includes (depending on your requirement):

  • DIY alphabetical named bracelets
  • DIY hairband or hairclips
  • Personalized named keychains
  • Bracelets with beads and buttons
  • Beaded catepillar or bunny
  • Magnets 
  • Bookmarks
  • Photoframes
  • Brooches
  • and many more!

Benefits of including beading into your events:

  • Create a fun weekend family day for customers to spend time in your events or sales activities.
  • Customers can better engage with your marketing events as their kids will need time for DIY
  • Beading is an excellent leisure activity, promoting childrens' development in fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, math skills, patience and planning, 

If you are looking to entertain the kids at an event, then rest assured we can keep them busy and happy for ages! For example, having a DIY alphabetical bracelet booth in your party so that kids can choose their name and make a bracelet or keychain that they can bring home. Make and take party favors!

Ideal for entertaining the children, developing new skills, having something to take home and wear and having heaps of fun over the school holidays too.

Bookings are essential, please contact us to make a booking or for more information. CONTACT US AT 0193113055 FOR ENQUIRIES.

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